Vision, Values and Ethos

Dormanstown Primary Academy is committed to providing an inclusive education for all our pupils. We believe that pupils are entitled to an education that is challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and set in a nurturing learning environment. Through our professionalism, the high quality of teaching and the enriched learning opportunities that we provide, we know that children will achieve their potential and make progress in all areas of the curriculum that is at least in line with national expectations.

Through these experiences children will become happy, secure, responsible young people who have a sense of belonging to a community, which in turn is proud of them. As professionals, the staff at Dormanstown Primary Academy will be at the forefront of implementing and developing learning and teaching in line with technological developments as well as the outcomes of research into effective learning and teaching.

Above all we aim for our pupils:

  • To be educated within a motivating, caring and secure environment
  • To have access to a wide range of educational opportunities
  • To become independent, confident and well-adjusted members of society
  • To develop appropriate thinking, learning and communication skills
  • To have their individual talents fostered and encouraged
  • To develop cultural awareness
  • To contribute positively to the community in which they live
  • To become aware of, and to take some responsibility for, the world in which they live
  • To ensure all children reach their full potential
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