At Dormanstown, we follow the TVEd long-term curriculum plan, which has been designed to fulfil the national curriculum programme of study whilst taking into account the area in which we serve, and the specific needs of the children. The Curriculum Framework sets out the programme of study objectives, key knowledge and strategies, progression and assessment points and provides ‘knowledge organisers’ to support subject knowledge.  A coherent learning sequence has been developed to ensure that knowledge is built cumulatively from beginning to end.

Our curriculum plans give children the opportunities to activate and build on prior knowledge, drawing this from their long-term memory, to make meaningful connections to new learning. Long-term plans, knowledge organisers and medium-term plans ensure teachers are clear about what the most important knowledge is, and in what order, from the early years to the end of Year 6.

Subject leaders and co-ordinators have developed ‘knowledge sequence’ documents to ensure that within their subject there is a clear sequence of knowledge that is evidenced not only within a year group sequence of learning but across each year group in each subject.

Our learning environment is integral in promoting key learning dispositions and values and fulfilling the ‘inspiration, aspiration, collaboration and celebration’ embodied in our school logo. Through our curriculum offer, we aim to build confidence, cultural capacity and raise aspirations for their future life.

In the academy we use Read Write Inc. as our phonics programme.

If parents would like further information on the school curriculum then please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher or use the contact us area on this website.

Curriculum Map
Reading Spine
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