Academy Staff

CEOMiss K. Morley
Executive HeadteacherMrs A. Hill
Assistant Head of AcademyMs R. Lees
Assistant Head of AcademyMr D. Mount
Assistant Head of AcademyMrs R. McDonald
SENDCo Miss A. Eden
Nursery TeacherMrs L. Marsh
Learning AssistantMrs L. Caster
ApprenticeMiss A. Williams
Reception TeacherMrs L. Theaker
Learning AssistantMiss S. Cockburn
Apprentice Learning AssistantMiss K. Humphries
Year 1 TeacherMiss O. Bass
Learning AssistantMiss C. Burton
Year 2 TeacherMiss R. Clark
Learning AssistantMiss L. Leighton
Year 3 TeacherMiss B Evans
Learning AssistantMiss L. Lawes
Year 4 TeacherMiss A. Hogarth
Apprentice Learning AssistantMiss C. Hannon
Year 5 TeacherMr K. Williams
Learning AssistantMrs J. Smuk
Year 6 TeacherMiss N. Arkless
Unit Class B1 TeacherMiss R. Riley
Learning AssistantMrs R. Bourne
Apprentice Learning AssistantMiss S, Watkins
Unit Class B2 TeacherMrs S. Seddon
Learning AssistantMiss E. Atkins
Unit Class B3 TeacherMiss. K Cole
Learning AssistantMrs L. Theaker
Unit Class B4 TeacherMrs S. Gruenfeld
Learning AssistantMrs L. Thomas
Intervention Learning AssistantMrs B. Berry
Safeguarding, Pastoral & Welfare LeadMrs S. Sherwood
Academy Business Manager
Mrs C. Ancell
Academy Office AdministratorMiss C. Mawson
Academy Office AdministratorMrs S. Poulson
Apprentice Office AdministratorMr J. Gilmore
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss E. Aldus
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs B. Peirse-Pallister
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss N. Ransome
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss C. Read
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs C. Scott
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs S Bell
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss N Smith
CaretakerMrs A. Stangoe
CleanerMrs K. Cook
CleanerMiss N. Ransome
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