Year 3

At Tees Valley Education, we view our broad and balanced curriculum as the totality of every planned experience and interaction that our children will encounter.  It saturates and informs every aspect of our practice, provision and culture. We build the supporting frameworks around the children, which will allow them to develop the characteristics that ensure they are ready to learn, allowing them to become independent, confident and successful learners, preparing them well for the next step in their education journey.

Y3 Teacher: Miss Matthews

Welcome to year 3’s page on the school website! We have had a lovely start to the year and are so excited to see where you’re learning take us. Miss Matthews is our class teacher and Miss Lawes is our leaning assistant. In Year 3, we have lots of interesting topics lined up this year, from Ancient Egypt to The Stone age.

In PE this term Year 3 are going to problem solving. They are going to have to work in teams to be able to complete the games.

Today they had to try and arrange themselves from tallest to smallest on a bench without falling off. They found it very tricky!

After a discussion of what an effective team has. Every team decided on a leader who helped them get in the correct order on the bench.

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