At Dormanstown Primary, art allows pupils to become confident independent artists who are creative and have the ability to express themselves using a wide range of materials and media. Through exposure to diverse local, national and international  cultural heritage, pupils will foster a love of art and understand how art contributes to the creativity and wealth of our nation and wider world. The curriculum is artist driven and structured to ensure drawing is the strand that underpins and is woven through  the entire curriculum. 


  • Art and Design is taught based on the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 and the EYFS Curriculum Framework
  • Children explore art through the following strands: Drawing, Sculpture, Printing, Painting, Collage and Photography
  • Each art unit is based around the work of a famous artist, craft maker, designer or sculptor
  • A carefully planned whole school progression of art knowledge ensures children have and the opportunity to revisit and remember previous learning in order to develop an understanding of how art contributes to the wealth of our nation
  • Knowledge organisers outline the key new knowledge for each unit and the prior knowledge needed for pupils to make meaningful connections to new learning

Progression within the areas of observational drawing, sculpture, painting and printing are set out within the Art Knowledge Sequencing Document available in the academy.

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