At Tees Valley Education, we view our broad and balanced curriculum as the totality of every planned experience and interaction that our children will encounter.  It saturates and informs every aspect of our practice and our culture: from academic content, to safeguarding, to poverty proofing, to the planned roles and recruitment of adults working in our academies. 

Autumn Learning 2020…

This term, like all classes in school, B2H have started by settling everyone back into school life and developing our new hygiene routines. The children have been amazing.

Our foundation subjects started with a ‘Portraits’ project where we focused on the skills on observing and drawing ourselves. We will move on to learning about modern day Italy and developing our skills of making pizza dough. We will then investigate the question, What did the Romans do for us? This will involve learning about Ancient Rome.There will also be coding in computing, and sound and electricity in science.

A busy term ahead, but in B2H we are ready for an exciting term.

B2H have been answering the question ‘How do you make a pizza base?’ in DT. After investigating the effects of yeast, they learnt to grate, slice, chop, mix, roll and spread. All the children had the opportunity to make their own dough base and top it with their choice of toppings. Best of all was testing the final product by eating it! ‘Yummy!’

We are developing our physical coordination.

Developing independent working skills.

B2H Autumn Home Learning
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