Weekly Round up

It has been a busy week again this week, filled with learning and fun!

B4 invited parents in for their parental engagement this week – and it was lovely to see how proud the children were to share their learning and work together on each activity.

Across school, children have been undertaking history as part of their wider curriculum, and the corridors have been buzzing with conversations about Greek gods, The Blitz and stone age hunter gatherers! Why not ask your child about what they have been learning?

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one, with trips for several year groups as well as the choir, a Halloween disco as well as PD day on the last Friday.

Finally, this week saw the chance to reflect on how children are reading at home, and it was a joy to read some of the comments written in children’s home readers about how hard they are working. We are eager to explore how to continue to make links between home and school reading – and will be sending out some guidance and strategies in the upcoming weeks. Please do continue to read regularly with your child, and to ensure they have their book and reading record each day – as this helps us to reinforce and reward the work you are doing.

Enjoy your weekend (and good luck to England in the rugby!)

Class Round up

Let’s heard the latest from Year 1, Year 2 and B2

Show Racism the Red Card

All of the children dressed up in red today to show Racism the Red Card.

We have been learning that every person deserves to be treated  with respect.

Year 1

The year 1 children have worked super hard so far this half term.

This week we have been writing a set of instructions. To make sure we wrote specific and clear instructions we decorated our own biscuits.

After this we tested them to make sure they tasted good!

We took lots of pictures to stick in with our piece of writing so when someone uses our instructions they will be able to see exactly what their biscuit should look like.

Next, we wrote our instructions, we made sure to use bossy verbs such as mix and spread. We also practiced saying our instructions out loud to check they made sense and were clear so our reader would know exactly what to do.

Year 2

Over the past few weeks in Science, Year 2 have been focusing on the topic of materials and conducting a range of experiments to deepen our understanding.  

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the properties of different materials and investigating their suitability for various purposes. One experiment involved finding out which material would make the best umbrella.

The children had to consider which material would be most waterproof and which would provide the best protection from the rain.

We spent time testing the materials to see which were waterproof and which were absorbent. We discovered that cellophane was the best. 

We have also been manipulating materials through stretching, twisting, bending, and squashing. The children were fascinated by how materials can change shape.  


B2 have been very busy this week.

This week we have been reading and watching clips so that we can write a fact file about bears.

We have written some sentences about bears.

Here they are-

In History, we are answering the question ‘What was life like for a child in Redcar?’

We have been talking about when we were born and looking at our baby photos.

We have also been learning about special events in our lives. Some special events are when we learned to walk or when we had our first birthday.

On an afternoon, we have started ‘Attention to Autism.’ Mrs Seddon surprises the children with something inside the mystery bucket. 

We love this activity. Then we have Dough Disco where we make shapes and control our dough with our hands / fingers.


Each week we have an ‘Awesome Attendance’ competition for the class or classes with the highest attendance. The class with the highest attendance will receive a letter and the first class to spell out ‘Awesome’ receives a treat for the whole class.

Which class will be the first to receive that treat?

Missed Learning

 58.5 days of missed learning occurred this week due to unauthorised absences. Unauthorised absences are for holidays, parents/carers not contacting the academy or any other unexplained absence. With most minor ailments, children can be in school, so we really encourage you to think about keeping your child at home.

100% Attendance

This week we had 211 children who achieved 100% Attendance for this week. A huge WELL DONE to you all 😊

Can you get 100% next week?

Missed Appointments

We strive to accommodate parents/carers with appointment times within the academy.

Unfortunately we have noticed that many appointments have been missed, occasionally this may be due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have to cancel and/or re-arrange your appointment, please ensure you contact the academy as soon as possible.

Failing to turn up for an appointment and not contacting the academy to cancel it has an adverse effect on other parents/carers appointment times. This can also take valuable staff time that could have been utilised by other parents.

Diary Dates and Reminders

Halloween Disco

Georgian Christmas

Lunch Menu

Our lunches are provided on a 3 week rota. Next weeks options will be Week 3.

On Tuesday all children are invited to enjoy a Spooky Halloween themed lunch

Nut Free Academy

A reminder to all parents we are a Nut Free Academy, please read below.

Lunchtime Supervisor Vacancy

We are looking to appoint a dedicated lunchtime supervisor, who is confident and with strong behaviour management.  Their duties will include supervising children, both in the dining hall at mealtimes and other parts of the school including the playground, leading play activities, ensuring the safety, wellbeing and good behaviour of all our children.  Ideally, the successful candidates will have experience of working with children and young people.

We are looking for someone who enjoys working with children, can remain calm and positive, and has strong communication and interpersonal skills.  We need someone who can provide some social and educational training, such as good table manners, and encourage children to eat healthy. 

Please see the link below for more details and an application pack.

Applications to be made before Friday 20th October.


Power of Women – Day of the Girl

Links to Support our Children and Families

Cost of Living

Busy Bees Holiday Club

Families Drop In

Online Courses for Parents

Access to Research

Max Card


As we are all being affected by the cost-of-living crisis, we have a small stock of preloved uniform and coats/jackets that parents can come and purchase, all we are asking for is a donation. This will be open for you to come and have a look on a Tuesday & Thursday between 08.50 – 09.15 and 14.40 – 15.00 via the main office.


You can also get your children’s uniform here.

Lollipops have a preloved rail out on the shop floor with various items on including polo tops, trousers, sweatshirts/cardigans, shoes, plimsolls, summer dresses etc. All items on the rail are free for anyone to take, they just ask for customers to be considerate of others when taking items. There is a box for anyone who would like to make donations which we then add to the rail.

Facebook – @lollipopsmiddlesbrough

Twitter – @LollipopsMiddl1

Instagram – @lollipops_middlesbrough

20 Norfolk Place
Berwick Hills

Actions for Happiness

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