Ofsted Reports

This is a Good school

  • The academy has improved exceptionally rapidly in the last year because the Executive Principal and the head of the academy have very substantially raised staff expectations of what pupils should and can achieve.
  • Achievement is good because pupils’ attainment has risen substantially in the last year following some disappointing national test results.
  • Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are achieving well.
  • Good and rapidly improving teaching enables pupils of all abilities to make good progress. Equal opportunity provision is outstanding. There is an outstanding atmosphere for learning so pupils can listen and work without distraction.
  • Provision for children in the Nursery and Reception classes is outstanding.
  • The academy uses its pupil premium funding exceptionally well to provide small classes and plenty of individual attention for pupils who need it.
  • Pupils are eager to learn and behave outstandingly well. Instances of poor behaviour are rare because managers have vastly raised expectations of pupils’ behaviour for learning.
  • Attendance is above average and persistent absence is low. Pupils are very complimentary about the education that the academy provides.
  • Arrangements for pupils’ health and safety are outstanding.
  • Leaders and managers at all levels, together with the local improvement board, are all exceptionally effective in ensuring that the quality of teaching and achievement continue to rise quickly.

We are not yet Outstanding because

  • The most-able pupils taught in the specialist units are sometimes insufficiently challenged.
  • The work set to provide extra challenge does not always sufficiently stretch pupils.
  • Occasionally, teachers’ explanations of what pupils are intended to learn and do are unclear. Consequently, pupils are unsure of what is expected of them and so the pace of learning slows.
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