Hello to all our children, parents and carers,

How proud we have been of all the children in the academy this week.  Some of our youngest children have adapted to the new rules so well, and they have been a credit to you all. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

The messages that you have sent to your friends this week have been so lovely and show how much you are all missing each other. I am sure that children receiving these messages have really appreciated them, and you will have made their day. The love has definitely been spread around Dormanstown again. We will publish on Facebook any more messages that are sent in.

Community and Pastoral Newsletter

We hope that everyone has had chance to look at the Tees Valley Education Community and Pastoral Newsletter.  It celebrates all that has been undertaken over the last few weeks by all the academies in our Trust.  Take a look at our achievements on pages 4, 5 and 9.


Online Safety

As children have had opportunity to spend more time online at this time and it has been in the news this week, we thought a reminder about online safety is important.  Please make sure that your children’s settings on their devices are appropriate and monitor what they are accessing. There are some useful videos to support parents through the link below to the CEOP website; the third video on this page is particularly helpful going through all elements of online use with practical advice.

Their recommendation is the best way you can protect your child is to establish a positive relationship with them around their life online.  Talk to them – not just once but have ongoing conversations as part of your family life.


Weekend Packed Lunches…

The penultimate weekend of packed lunch deliveries.  We look forward to seeing you again this weekend when undertaking the deliveries. Many, many thanks to the Ladies of Steel for their continued hard work and all the funding that has made these possible.

Times Tables Rockstars…

Let’s keep trying with the Rockstars App as we have little movement on our leader board.  Well done to the children who are holding their positions:

6N – Leon H / Nate / Lucas

Y5 – Shilo / Reece / Kieron B

Y4 – Josie / Alfie R / Harley D

Y3 – Reiley / Charlie / Millie

Y2 – Olly / Connor / Ryan

Y1 – Lola / Harley / Ruben

2S – Alfie J

2H – Albie / Noah

2A – Eric / Heath

Spelling Shed Leader Board…

5S have kept their number one spot on the Leader Board – well done! Super work from Key Stage One for keeping your positions too.

Class league:

1st: 5S – 60 337 315

2nd: 1T – 43 574 108

3rd: 2P – 24 614 582


1st: Paige (1T) – 273 335 904

2nd: Olly (2P) – 159 790 468

3rd: Leon (6N) – 134 211 738


1st: Paige (1T) – 9766

2nd: Olly (2P) – 5368

3rd: Leo (5S) – 4737


1st: Paige (1T) – 1102

2nd: Leo (5S) – 926

3rd: Olly (2P) – 717

We look forward to celebrating all your successes this week during the Virtual Assembly.

As further lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, it is still vital for the safety of your children, our staff and the wider community that we do continue to follow the expectations.

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