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PE & Sport Premium

What is the Primary PE and Sports Premium?

The PE and Sport Premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

 The four objectives of the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding are:

  • To improve the quality of existing PE teaching through continuing professional learning in PE, so that all primary pupils improve their health, skills and physical literacy, and have broader exposure to a range of sports;

  • To increase participation levels in competitive sport and healthy activity of pupils, and maintain these into adolescence;

  • To increase the quality of initial teacher training in PE and sport and to promote PE specialisation in primary level workforce;

  • Schools understand and value the benefits of high quality PE and sport, including its use as a tool for whole school improvement.

At Dormanstown Primary Academy, we recognise the contribution of PE and sport to the health and well-being of our pupils. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children. We place a high value on encouraging children to be active in sports and PE in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be successful and develop both essential life skills and  positive attitudes. The academy therefore uses the sports funding in order to support this commitment to children.

The academy has been allocated £17,940 for this current academic year. 


Dormanstown Primary Academy

  School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated: Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:
Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity. Expand breakfast club to encourage more pupils to attend school earlier and get involved in activities.

Improve and expand PE equipment throughout academy to ensure all pupils experience high quality provision.


The introduction of additional clubs to further develop physical daily exercise and develop pupils’ physical and emotional well-being.

Introduce sports based breakfast, lunchtime and holiday clubs




Identify equipment that needs updating and/or replacing in PE cupboards


More children actively engaged in clubs and physical activity.

2 members of staff (Sports Coach and apprentice) £7100





Increase the amount of physical daily exercise.




Children take part in a range of sporting activities.





Provide access to a wide variety of high quality extra activities.


Monitor the demand for clubs and look at increasing capacity next year. Identify possible funding streams and submit applications to secure these. Continue to employ Sports Coach (forecast in future budgets). 
Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement. Provide children who excel in PE further opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge of a range of sports and make excellent progress in their preferred sport.


Provide opportunities for children to attend local high profile sporting events to allow them to engage in a range of sports and be inspired to participate.

Internal half termly academy competition to encourage children’s interest in sports.


Identify the children who excel in PE. Sports Coach to provide additional teaching and specialised clubs for those children.


Identify key events and facilitate attendance.

Half termly academy competitions in place.

Achievement in sport and the Schools Games Values to be displayed in the academy.













Mastery clubs and sessions in place.


Children show excellent progress in their preferred sport.




Children attend local sporting events.



Make links with external clubs so children can be signposted when talents are identified.








Continue to build links to ensure children can attend sporting events.

Continue with a range of inschool competition and displays.


Key indicator 3: The quality of teaching and learning in PE and sport being improved across the school through regular, high quality CPL opportunities for staff. Qualified sports coach to provide expert teaching and learning for all children, as well as developing the practice of all teachers. Sports Coach to deliver high quality lessons for staff members to observe.

Sports Coach to work together with class teacher to baseline and assess children over the course of the year.









Children access high quality provision regularly as part of their PE entitlement. 


Staff are upskilled and deliver sessions that are at least good.


All children make progress from their starting points that is at least good.


All staff to work together to share good practice leading to sustainability. All teachers confident and enthusiastic to deliver high quality PE lessons.

Cost of the sports coach has been forecast into future budgets.

Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils Provide taster sessions and links into local sports clubs to provide a pathway to sport for children and families.

Encourage children to share outside sporting interests and achievements through assemblies and magic screen.


Taster sessions in the academy and out at local clubs.


Encourage pupils to share their own interests and successes through assembly slot and photographs / prose on magic screen.









Children experience a range of activities.

Teachers have knowledge of clubs available to sign post pupils.



Continue to make links and share local opportunities.


Continue to share pupils’ successes.


Use CPL to develop teachers’ knowledge of teaching a range of sports.


Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport


Take part in inter-school competitions across the area.









Develop a TVEd sports network to create opportunities for inter-academy competitions.

Develop sports teams and join in local competitions.


Refine sports curriculum plan to be in line with local opportunities for competitive sport.


Work with other sports leads within TVEd to create inter-academy opportunities for competitive sport.


£800 for transport












Children have more access to competitive sports. Creating own networks of competitive sorts between schools will support future planning of such events.


For full details, please click on the plan below:

2017 – 2018 Sport Premium Funding Action Plan


At Dormanstown Primary Academy, we believe that swimming is an essential life skill. Swimming has many benefits, as listed below.

Fitness: Swimming uses every part of the body’s major muscle groups and is a fantastic aerobic activity to get your heart pumping.

Health: Swimming can lower your resting heart rate and lower blood pressure, as oxygen becomes more efficient and your tidal volume improves. This is the amount of air that moves in and out of your lungs during relaxed breathing. Swimming is also an effective way to burn calories, which can reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Strength and Conditioning: As a child kicks, pushes, pulls and stretches through the water, their muscles need to work harder against the extra resistance water provides. Muscles strengthen with minimal pressure on bones and joints, lengthen and gain flexibility which provides the basis of a strong and agile body. Swimming also improves the cardiovascular system, as it: raises your heart rate; gets the blood pumping around your body; boosts lung capacity and strengths your heart muscle.

Water Safety: Swimming teaches you how to stay safe in and around water.

Social: A positive relationship with the water will open the door to a whole range of water sports and activities. This will boost pupils’ confidence and their ability to interact with others.

Academic: Swimming assists in the development of gross motor skills, postural control, core stability and bilateral movement, all of which aid the improvement of handwriting, reading and concentration.

Curriculum Requirements

Below we have detailed the percentage of current Y6 pupils that have completed the necessary requirements of the National Curriculum.

Requirement Y6 Pupils (Current)
Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres. 69%
Use a range of strokes effectively. 59%
Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. 63%

All pupils in KS2 have the opportunity to access specialist swimming tuition to help them reach the required level. Pupils who have already achieved the curriculum requirements will be challenged to improve their performance.



Funding Allocation 2016/17

Additional Provision Planned and /or Provided Cost Intended Impact Actual Impact
Qualified sports coach to run lunchtime and after school clubs £3 144 Healthy lifestyles for all of our pupils.

Provide access to a wide variety of high quality extra activities.

Provide personalised support and training to gifted and talented children.

Extended schools lead to organise and manage out of hours provision £860 Healthy lifestyles for all of our pupils.

Provide access to a wide variety of high quality extra activities.

Additional sports apprentice to extend the scope and impact of afterschool and lunchtime clubs £1000 Healthy lifestyles for all of our pupils.

Provide access to a wide variety of high quality extra activities.

Provide personalised support and training to gifted and talented children.

Additional and varied activities based on children’s interests and talents £1000 Healthy lifestyles for all of our pupils.

Provide access to a wide variety of high quality extra activities.

Provide personalised support and training to gifted and talented children.

Link into the Redcar & Eston School Sports Partnership £3,562 To enable children to experience competitive elements of sport and working as a team.

To ensure access to high quality CPD.

To keep up to date with improvements and innovations in sports and PE.

Develop a Tees Valley Education Sports Network £250 To enable children to experience competitive elements of sport and working as a team.

To ensure that keeping active and healthy has a high profile across the academy and TVEd Trust.

To facilitate the sharing of excellent practice between the academies.

Transport to facilitate competitions and tournaments £1000 To enable children to experience competitive elements of sport and working as a team.  
Purchase of new equipment to broaden sports provision £500 To ensure that children have the correct equipment to access sports at a high level.

To develop new sports within the academy.

Provide access for children to attend local high profile sporting events £500 To inspire children to participate well in sports.

To enhance children’s cultural experiences and develop pride in their local community.



Dormanstown also employs a sports coach on a 0.5 basis. This is to ensure children receive high quality sports and PE provision, and to develop the skills and knowledge of our teaching staff. This has been very successful, and the academy plans to recruit a full time coach in 2017.

Please find a review of our spending and its impact below:

2016-2017 Sport Premium Funding Action Plan





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