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Our Curriculum

We endeavour to inspire our pupils so that they are motivated to learn and achieve.

Our curriculum is firmly rooted in the core subjects of English and maths as we know that this is the essential foundation of learning. However, we offer a broad. balanced curriculum in order to allow children to flourish in a wide range of subjects.We also know that children need to develop curiosity, creativity and the ability to work collaboratively. Our curriculum is designed to enthuse children, be fun, but also to challenge them as learners.

Staff work as a team to plan a comprehensive, cohesive curriculum which is enriched with a broad range of learning opportunities, designed to challenge the most able and engage those with special needs. Our expectations are that pupils will make significant progress in all subjects but also develop a passion for learning, discovering their own individual strengths and talents through the opportunities that we provide.

We offer a four tier curriculum structure: quality first teaching, enrichment, choice and mastery. Through this we hope to fully engage all learners, challenging the most able to master areas of the curriculum. 

Curriculum enrichment is essential part of learning at Dormanstown Primary Academy. We plan numerous visits to bring learning to life. Theatre companies, artists, sports coaches and people with passion and expertise support us in delivering an inspirational curriculum. Through the PSHCE we develop the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning which is a priority throughout the school. We believe that our curriculum and the opportunities offered, supports children so that they grow into responsible, independent young people who are able to make a positive contribution to their family, school and community. We try to ensure that our pupils develop tolerance, respect, courtesy and consideration for others regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture or belief.

21st century learning is essential. Our modern learning environment and excellent ICT facilities allow us to incorporate new technologies into our learning and teaching. From the foundation stage children have the opportunity to incorporate ICT into all aspects of their learning. Visualisers, cameras, recording systems ipads, ipods and computers are integral to learning and teaching in our school.

This is our long term plan for all year groups, using the Cornerstones projects.


Overview projects –    Dormanstown Whole School Yearly LTP 2018-2019  

Each year group’s projects cover the National Curriculum foundation subjects.

Dormanstown Curriculum LTP Year 1-2

Dormanstown Curriculum LTP Year 3-4

Dormanstown Curriculum LTP Year 5-6

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If parents would like further information on the school curriculum then please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher or use the contact us area on this website.

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Dormanstown Primary Academy

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Dormanstown Primary Academy’s website. I hope it gives you a good insight into our academy and how we, above all, encourage our children to aspire to what they want to be.

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