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Staff and Governors are committed to providing children with experiences and opportunities that enable them to understand that ICT has the potential to enrich all aspects of their lives.

Our policy states

Children will understand that emerging technologies have applications that they will be able to utilise socially, personally, educationally as well as in their future professional lives so that they can contribute to and compete in a global economy.


The Naace ICT Mark assessment (completed July 2012) recognised that: The provision for ICT at Dormanstown is exceptional.

The schools Governing Body has demonstrated its commitment to this area of the curriculum through the significant allocation of funds to ensure that we are able to provide children with a wide range of IT equipment which includes digital cameras, laptops, visualisers, scanners, listening centres, control toys and midi instruments. Children also have regular access to TV recording studio. The employment of a full-time Digital Support Practitioner ensures that technical difficulties are quickly address and staff are well support in their innovative delivery of ICT across the whole curriculum.


As well as teaching the basic skills for navigating and using a wide range of hardware and software, the pupils at Dormanstown Primary Academy have access to creative opportunities to embed and apply their skills across the curriculum. Our personalised approach to the curriculum was acknowledged during the ICT Mark assessment procedure in July 2012, whereby an external assessor observed:
It was particularly impressive to see how careful planning and appropriate assessment was improving independent learning skills of all pupils including those of SEN and higher ability.

This results in pupils developing their competencies when using technologies in the classroom and beyond. The same report also stated that:

‘so many different technologies are used creatively across the school. Children have little fear of the technology they use.’

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