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Most Able Pupils

Most Able Pupils

Every child is valued at Dormanstown Primary Academy. We feel that it is important to foster a culture in which effort, achievement and success is celebrated. Our provision for our most able pupils challenges pupils’ thinking and provides opportunities to both practise their skills, and deepen their understanding. We aim to promote the highest possible academic standards, within an environment where creative, artistic, musical and physical learning experiences are greatly valued. Teachers are committed to providing the best possible environment for learning which ensures that all pupils receive an education that will enable them to develop their full potential. We also endeavor to ensure that our well-planned curriculum enables our pupils to develop at mastery level. Mastery is how a child can apply curriculum objectives in, and using, increasingly complex and in-depth, cross curricular strategies. It demonstrates how effectively a pupil can apply their knowledge and deeper understanding to increasingly complex situations.

All children have the opportunity to:

  • Develop their potential to the full.
  • Participate in lessons that stimulate and challenge all children.
  • Take part in lessons and activities, appropriate to their age and ability that stimulate, interest, challenge, inform and deepen understanding at a greater depth.
  • Attempt tests, examinations and other appropriate accreditation that will maximise their achievements at mastery level.
  • Access to extension or enrichment activities which encourages a depth of learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Flexibility of school organisation and provision to facilitate access to expertise, high-quality resources or activities.
  • Take part in activities that extend beyond the curriculum, including clubs, competitions, visits and pastoral care.

Within this structure there are opportunities to identify and extend our most able pupils and to encourage them to develop their exceptional talents and abilities to the full. In defining this group, the School has adopted the following working definition:

Dormanstown Primary Academy recognises that gifted and talented pupils are those who demonstrate outstanding ability or potential in one or most areas of activity. Gifted children are academically very able, often capable of high performance in tests and examinations and frequently exhibit much greater levels of skill, inquiry and depth and understanding in classroom activities, than their peers. Pupils may show a general intellectual aptitude or be most able in a most specific context, for example by demonstrating a facility for English, Maths or Science. Talented pupils may show outstanding leadership ability. They may be highly skilled in creative or practical areas such as Music, The Arts or Sport. All gifted and talented pupils can benefit from additional learning experiences that develop, enhance and extend their abilities and enable them to fulfil their potential.

In order to identify such a rich diversity of gifts and talents we have adopted a variety of approaches. The Academy endeavours to obtain as much information as possible from all appropriate sources including:

  • Information from parents and carers.
  • Test and assessment data.
  • Evidence from pupils work.
  • Observation by teaching staff, classroom assistants, club leaders etc.
  • The children themselves and other children. Children are encouraged to recognise and value the abilities of their peers.

By adopting a range of methods to identify areas of special ability, the school is encouraging everyone to look out for excellence and promoting a positive attitude towards achievement.


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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Dormanstown Primary Academy’s website. I hope it gives you a good insight into our academy and how we, above all, encourage our children to aspire to what they want to be.

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