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Creativity & The Arts

Endeavouring to offer a broad, balanced and rounded education for all pupils, the whole staff of Dormanstown are committed to the arts as an integral part of the curriculum. In developing children’s creativity we inspire and motivate, and ensure that all children are engaged in their cross-curricular learning.

Children experience and develop knowledge and skills in a range of art forms under the broad headings of:

  • Literature: poetry, fiction and drama
  • Performing Arts: music, dance, drama, singing and story telling
  • Visual Arts: craft, design, painting, sculpture, textiles, print making
  • Arts expressed through the use of multi-media: photography, digital arts

Art is delivered by teaching through specific subjects, discrete cross curricular links, extra curricular opportunities and whole school events, both on and off site.

We are dedicated to enriching lives, and the arts do much to achieve this for all children whatever their background and ability. The children have opportunities to work with specialist artists, actors, dancers, and other professionals in the academy and to experience the arts in out of school experiences such as galleries and theatres. Children have the opportunity to develop their repertoire in a range of musical and theatrical styles. They have performed at the Sage, Gateshead and are going to perform at the Little Theatre, Middlesbrough.

The arts are well planned so that children experience the widest possible range of activities. ICT supports the resources for artwork such as providing information on artist and examples of their work of art. Children also use ICT to make their own artistic images, films and recordings. After school clubs provide a range of additional activities where children can develop skills and techniques outside of the school day. Clubs have included sketching, drama and circus skills to name a few.

The arts in the Foundation Stage are very much integrated into project work and run strongly through most activities. Art aspects of the children’s activities are related to the Early learning Goals. The Arts support and enhance much of the learning at this stage.

In Key Stage 2, children are able to join the academy choir. They perform in both academy and community events on a regular basis, holding weekly rehearsals with a specialist teacher.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Dormanstown Primary Academy’s website. I hope it gives you a good insight into our academy and how we, above all, encourage our children to aspire to what they want to be.

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