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Collection of Pupils

Introduction and Scope

The Academy has the highest regard for the safety of the children in our care, from the moment they arrive to when they depart at the end of the academy day. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that safeguarding procedures for the arrival and collection of children are robust, communicated well to parents/carers and adhered to by all staff.

This information will be shared with children on a regular basis to remind them how to ‘STAY SAFE’

Arrival of Children

Until a child(ren) are handed over to academy staff on a morning they remain the responsibility of their parents/ carers. Careful consideration should be given to whether a child is responsible enough to walk to the academy on a morning.  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children should always be escorted to the academy by a responsible person.

For working parents, there is an opportunity to bring children to the Breakfast Club – open from 8am (spaces permitting).

  • Staff are on duty from 8.40am and the academy doors open at this time.
  • Children remain the responsibility of their parents/carers until they have handed their children over to a member of staff at the door.
  • In the case of bad weather, doors and gates may be opened earlier, on authority of the Head of Academy or Deputy Heads.
  • We do not expect children to arrive before this time as there is no-one available to supervise them.
  • If children arrive after 8.55am, they must be brought to the Main Office and signed in on our late register. They will then be escorted or directed to class by a member of staff.

Arrival and Collection of Children

Children arrive at the beginning of the day and the buses park in the designated bays.  Learning Assistants or teachers from each of the discrete classes walk over to meet the buses and support the escorts to get the children off the bus.  The children are lined up and walked around the path to the side of the academy by the learning assistants. They are then taken straight to their classroom doors to enter the building.

Collection time is a very busy time and we take the children’s safety very seriously. Dismissing the whole academy does take a certain amount of time and parent/carers are asked to be patient as some children will exit later than others. If a parent wishes to speak to their child’s teacher, they must wait for them to dismiss their class first.


Children are dismissed by the class teacher or learning assistant from the Nursery door.  Staff must ensure that each child is handed to their parent/ carer.  Please make sure that parents stand well back from the door so that staff can see clearly.

Reception / Key Stage 1

KS1 children finish their lessons at 3.05pm and should be collected from their teacher or learning assistant from their classroom doors. Again, staff must ensure that each child is handed to their parent/ carer.  Please make sure that parents stand well back so that staff can see who is there clearly.

Parents should remember that staff are trying to look after lots of children and be patient as children are dismissed calmly.  Children must wait with their teacher until the teacher has seen that an adult is there to collect them. Parents should avoid calling to their child until they are sure that the teacher has seen them.

Children must be taken home by an adult; they will not be allowed to walk home on their own or with anyone under 18 years old. 

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 lessons finish at 3.05pm and once they are ready, the children are dismissed from the Key Stage 2 doors. If parents want their child to walk home alone, they must complete the form attached and return it to the academy. If a parent does not complete a form to say that their child can walk home alone, then the same rules apply as Key Stage 1.

It is essential that teachers and learning assistants identify the parent/carer collecting a pupil at the end of the school day before that child is allowed to leave their supervision. This is particularly important for supply or other staff who may be unfamiliar with the school, pupils and parents/carers. A learning assistant should be allocated to support dismissal for any supply staff.

Children Leaving by Bus

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children are escorted by their teacher or learning assistant to the front door of the academy and walk across the plaza to their respective buses.  They are then assisted to get onto the bus and handed over to the bus escorts for their journey home.

Key Stage Two children, led by their teacher or learning assistant, leave the building via the Year 5 door.  They are led around the path to the side of the academy and are taken to their respective buses (as KS1).


On occasion, we recognise that parents/ carers may need to send someone else to collect their child.  Staff will normally only release children to adults that they recognise. 

If the usual person who collects a child(ren) is unable to do so, then the following procedure applies:

  • One of the ‘named contacts’ for the child informs a member of the academy staff. (If this is done by telephone, the academy office must verify the identity of the caller by ringing a named contact)
  • The informed person completes the Change of Collection Procedure Slip (See Appendix…)
  • The ‘named contact’ gives a password that they will share with the person collecting the child(ren) and will sign to verify the details of the arrangement
  • The member of staff ensures that the completed form is handed to the relevant members of staff (the form should be copied if there is more than one child and they are in different classes).
  • The member of staff releasing the child(ren) at the end of the day should keep the child with them until the person collecting approaches them.
  • They should ask the person their name and the agreed password. If the details match, the ‘collector’ needs to print their name and sign.
  • If the details given by the ‘collector’ do not match with those on the form, the child should not be allowed to leave and a senior member of staff advised.

The exception to this is if the parent informs the class teacher or assistant that the child will be leaving with another person known to the staff member (eg: if a child is going to tea at another pupil’s house and will be collected by that parent). In this case, the temporary collection sheet should be completed and signed by the parent giving the temporary instruction.


Delayed Collection

All children should be collected at the end of their school day (3.05pm) unless they are attending an after school club. Parents need to notify the school immediately should, due to unforeseen circumstances, the arrangements for collection change, or if they are delayed.

Any child not collected by 3.15pm will wait in the main office area. A member of the administrative team will ring contact numbers to try to reach a responsible adult to collect the child.

This will be logged as a concern if school have not been informed of a delayed collection. If two logs are made during any half term, the parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the Head of Academy.

Please be aware, we do not operate an after school club.  In the event that the children are regularly collected late, we reserve the right to levy a £10 charge.

If a parent fails to arrive and all contact details have been exhausted, the academy has no alternative other than to contact Social Services.

Academy Clubs

Lists of children attending clubs will be held in the office. A member of staff will supervise the children and escort them to the office at the end of the club. All children attending clubs must have written consent from a parent/carer. Club leaders will collect a pack from the office containing all contact details each time they take a club. Once they have taken the register, they should send a child with the completed list to the office.  The full pack should be returned to the office at the end of the club.

For health and safety reasons, the parent must also agree to the conditions for collection. All children are dismissed from clubs via the main front door. Please note that early collection from clubs cannot be facilitated; if a child cannot stay for the whole session then they should not attend.

When arrangements change for extra-curricular activities (e.g. due to the illness of the staff member running it), parents and carers will be informed by text.

Safety on the academy site

Once children have been dismissed from the academy, in the agreed manner, they are no longer in our care and responsibility returns to the parent/carer even whilst on our premises.

Parents should adhere to these simple safety guidelines and supervise their child(ren) at all times:

  • Do not allow children to run in the car-park or on the entrance road.
  • Do not allow children on grass areas or pathways adjacent to the school offices, hall or kitchens. ??
  • Do not allow children to ride bicycles, scooters etc on the academy site. We would be grateful if children did not ride their bikes etc until they reach the front of the building (plaza) to avoid pedestrians on the side path getting knocked.
  • Never allow children to clamber or climb on the railings.
  • Supervise children if they are in the play areas.

Separated Parents

Please note that staff cannot prevent a ‘separated’ parent from collecting a child unless there is a court order in the academy’s possession preventing that parent from having access.

If school is unaware of arrangements, and the collection by a ‘separated’ parent is unusual, and during the academy day, we will inform the prime carer that the other parent is here to collect, or has collected, the child.

At any time, if a child is anxious, and was also unaware of the arrangement, the academy will make contact with the prime carer before letting the child go.

Children in Care

Specific arrangements will be made with senior leaders to ensure the safe collection of children in care.  Where children are not collected regularly by the same person, then the use of an agreed password is essential. Staff must always verify the identity of a person collecting a child(ren) by checking identification.  Where this is not available, a child(ren) will not be allowed to leave until such checks have been made.

Supply Teachers

We have our own cover teachers who are all aware of academy procedures. On rare occasions, if we do use a new supply teacher they will be issued with this guidance and a learning assistant will be enlisted to support dismissal.



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